Welcome to the best hobby in the world

I have been operating Amateur radio since December 1986 when I passed my B class license. On the 12th August 1992 I went on to pass my Morse test and obtain a A class license.

Since then I have made several thousand contacts all over the world and made many friends. Some of those friends are local who I met through the Guildford and district radio society ( GDRS ) and others  not so close to home.

25th September 2002 I got my first DXCC and now working towards my second hundred.

In December 2001 while putting out a general call, Pat (WR6S) answered me from California. We kept in contact via email and soon started having regular chats on the radio. In September 2001 he very kindly invited me over for my first trip to the states to meet him and his family. This was a great trip and was great to meet the person I had been chatting to for the past 9 months. While we were having these regular chats on the radio a couple of other radio hams from the states started to join in with us on a regular bases and we soon became friends also. Gregg (KB8ISI) from West Virginia and Gerry (W6GLP). Gerry only Lives a mile away from Pat so I got to meet and stay with him while I was in California.

In 2002 I  was  involved in the Titanic special event station GB90MGY. The same year I operated as GQ0SJH  for the queens golden jubilee.

In 2012 I got the chance to operate on the Titanic 100 year special event station GR100MGY

I now have my NOV to operate as GQ0SJH again for the queens Diamond jubilee. I also have a NOV to operate as  GO0SJH for the London Olympics.

To see my radio station click on the picture below.
Amateur Radio Station
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